Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dig it all up ...

Nieman Watchdog via Aravosis:

By now no one expects the Bush Administration to make itself accountable for its controversial and possibly illegal practices. But the next President will have a unique opportunity to reveal what has been kept hidden for the last seven years. Secrecy watchdog Steven Aftergood suggests a few questions for the presidential candidates about their willingness to disclose just what the current Administration has done.


That's right. Give the next batch of neocons (you know, the ones who will inevitably say "if we would have stayed in Iraq a little longer we would have won") nothing to hide behind when they make their next power play. Take away all their talking points on 'national security' and 'terrorism', on 'fiscal responsibility' and 'trickle down', on 'clear skies' and 'healthy forests'. Let everybody see not just how awful this philosophy is, but also how criminal it is as well.


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