Sunday, February 3, 2008

On Hillary*

Yesterday, in my post endorsing Mrs. Clinton for the Democratic nomination and the Presidency, I wrote a line I received several emails on basically saying I wasn't giving Obama enough credit:

... With the moron named Bush, we saw it doesn't take much to fuck up a country but it takes an experienced hand to repair the damage ...

Look at it this way. I can wheel my toolbox over to any idiot (not that I'm likening Obama to an idiot, no emails please) on the street, point him to a car, and say "have at it". That person will probably figure out how to take the car apart, using the large assortment of tools I just placed at his disposal, in a modicum of time.

Now, once it's a pile of parts on the floor, who are you gonna ask to put it back together so it runs like it did before? Me? (A mechanic with 35 years of experience, the majority of which came in the race engine field) Or him? (The poor schmuck who's looking at my tools for the first ... second time)

The Chimp took this nation apart and it barely runs. You gonna give your tools to the C-mechanic to fix it or to the A-guy?

Well back to work. I'm in the same situation Gord was last week, though without the company.

*No pun intended but I don't think it would be a bad position to be in. Heh ...

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