Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mo' money ...

While you were giving money to Wall St, other folks are waiting to line their pockets too:

Last week, a key Congressman predicted that the mega-expensive Wall Street bailout would naturally force the government to cut back defense spending.

Well, not if the Pentagon has anything to do with it.

The Defense Department "wants an increase of $57 billion in fiscal 2010, about 13.5 percent more than this year's budget of $514.3 billion," according to Bloomberg News.


Gotta have all that good stuff. I wonder how much it would cost to build a 'Bin Laden Finder'. Shit, we've spent billions on other crap and we still can't get him. Get DARPA on it, that'll suck up a billion or two, easy.

And while the Pentagon has its hand in your pocket, Detroit does too:


The easy one was the Federal government’s painless and generous approval of $25 billion in bailout loans to the auto industry at below-market prices. The $25 billion bailout loan to the automakers was signed by President Bush yesterday, and would allow the car producers to borrow money at about half the going market rate. (Nice terms if you can get them). The government already approved the $25 billion of loans to help the auto makers and their suppliers build more fuel-efficient vehicles in 2007 as part of an energy bill. The automakers — Chrysler, Ford Motor and General Motors — will not have to repay the loans for five years.


You know, I'm getting quite pissed that we're giving our money to people who've proven they can't mange it, or those who waste it on toys, or those who make antithetical business decisions, yet if I ran my personal finances like they do, I'd be seeing the repo man taking my cars away, the lights, water, and cable going off, and the county sheriff putting a foreclosure notice on my door.

Where's my bailout, motherfuckers?

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