Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surprise ...

Gord linked us to Kathleen Parker's surprise at how the wingnuts turned on her yesterday. Today, Athenae asks her some questions:


These are the people who laughed at Katrina victims, who mocked them as they drowned, and who said to people standing on rooftops in rags in the days after, tough rocks, your own fault, and by the way fuck you, for still being alive to shame me.

They said they'd shoot them, if they could.

What did you think they would do to you?

These are the people who called a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer a murderer.

These are the people who laughed at the idea of Timothy McVeigh making a detour to the New York Times Building.

These are the people who called Jill Carroll a traitor. After she was kidnapped. Held captive. Tormented.

These are the people who said Pat Tillman's family should shut up and go away. That Cindy Sheehan was a whore. That Valerie Plame was a criminal. That Richard Clarke was a monster.

These are the people.


Did you think it would be different for you? You did, didn't you. You poor, deluded thing. You thought your time in Wingnuttia would buy you out of jail. Would buy you the right to say something contrary. Would give you the benefit of the doubt. Some wiggle room, with them. You thought you were immune; when they threatened journalists and laughed at the death of "the dinosaur media" and fantasized about killing the people who disagreed with them, they didn't mean you. Surely not you. They meant other people.


Welcome to our world, Ms. Parker.

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