Monday, December 8, 2008

Logistics II

Fixer has an excellent post below on resupplying US troops in Afghanistan. He's right. Here's a film about resupply efforts many years ago when one little stretch of road was cut by the enemy. This was one base, and the flights were only of a coupla hundred miles or less, not thousands of miles through the airspace of not-necessarily-friendly countries to then distribute supplies to perhaps hundreds of small outposts. It was a 24/7 all-hands exercise of horrendous cost, and it barely kept the Marines alive and fighting.

For more info, see The Battle of Khe Sanh.

Did I mention that the Taliban have surrounded Kabul, similar to the way the PAVN surrounded Khe Sanh?

Note: check out the thumbnails after the video for some spectacular C-130 action!

I think I should mention that it might be wildly inadvisable to refer to the Khe Sanh aircrews as 'AF weenies' in front of some old fart Marine who got to eat and have ammo because of their efforts. Might be entertaining, though...

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