Sunday, March 15, 2009

Talking Merchant Marine

I've just always liked this guy.

He must have been the first cowboy-folk-rap artist. He plays that Martin D-28 with a beat-jazz attitude. A true American original. -- Tom Russell on Jack Elliott

Some sample lyrics:

Ship loaded down with TNT
All out across the rollin' sea;
Stood on the deck, watched the fishes swim,
I'se a-prayin' them fish wasn't made out of tin.

Gonna blow them fascists all to hell!
Win some freedom, liberty, stuff like that.

I'm just one of the merchant crew,
I belong to the union called the N. M. U.
I'm a union man from head to toe,
I'm U. S. A. and C. I. O.

Gee, pretty commie stuff - doing his duty as a merchant sailor, liberty & freedom, union man - I'm guessin' he's not a Repuglicant.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott ~ Talking Merchant Marine (W. Guthrie)

Thanks to peglegsam.

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