Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chicken? Egg?

Our pal D-cap has an excellent essay up on the state of "journalism" today:

Which came first - journalists turning into to a bunch of sideshow barkers because the only thing Americans want is to be entertained or Americans losing any semblance of reality because the once noble profession of journalism has turned into nothing more than a conduit to sell Tide and Toyotas?


The politicians have beaten the journalists at their own game - the politicians know it, the public knows it - only the journalists haven't quite figured it out. Journalists used to be savvy about their strategies and smart about their tactics when they went looking for the story. The victory was uncovering the truth, not selling the most Toyotas. Today people like Palin, Romney, Paul, Rubio, King, Boner, and McConnell have been taught to master anti-journalism skills and make the press work for them. They have been able to stack the deck and play the journalists to their advantage.

Truth has taken a back seat to revenue and any control we might have had over our government is long gone. If a person gets their news solely from the TV, they have no clue about how things work.

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