Thursday, March 17, 2011

Repug Meltdown In Wisconsin

A 'must read' at Kos:

Wow, that M&I bank boycott has the GOPers suffering from a severe attack of the vapors. They're talking about having a witch hunt, firing all the cops and firefighters, and bringing in the National Guard. Moe Lane and the boys have taken to the fainting couch over this, and RedState has two diaries this week:

They want the Wisconsin government to force the police and firefighters to not join the bank boycott, although they are a little hazy on how that would work, but of course their imagination immediately leaps to bayonets and bloodshed whenever strikers are involved. These guys clearly want Madison to be some sort of company town or Soviet work camp, because not only do they want to be able to control union membership they want iron-fisted control of where people shop.

Wisconsin cops & firemen break their oaths.
Posted by Moe Lane
Saturday, March 12th at 8:00PM EST
It would seem that loyalty to their union masters take precedence over loyalty to the people of Wisconsin. From a contemptible letter written to M&I Bank threatening a boycott....

Really Moe, they took an "oath" to use that bank? Really?

They howl that the firemen are threatening to let the bank burn down.

Accusing firefighters of threatening to let the bank burn down is not the result of madness or drug use, it's how a ringleader whips up a crowd, often for group violence: "She's a witch......that stranger on the tour bus is here to steal horse died because that Jew poisoned my well....the uppity niggra looked at my daughter....that wizard stole my penis (you can look up "penis theft") .... Obama is a Mau-Mau and he just raised the price of gasoline."

Nobody questions the accusations of disloyalty against the cops and firefighters, and there are demands for the iron fist:
1) The boycott should be prosecuted under the RICO act, because nothing says organized crime like not shopping at some place you don't like.
2) The National Guard should be called in (again)
3) The cops and fire fighters should be fired and put in prison, and their jobs given to temps? Interns? Or Republicans! Because you know, "merit based" means Republicans.


No shit 'more'! Go!

Shopping and putting your money where you want to instead of where the Repugs tell you is definitely 'uppity' and you should be in prison!. The Repugs up there are spinnin' down inta Crazyland and I'm enjoying the shit out of it!

One more quote:

The second diary publishes the email of firefighters and police union board members so wingnuts can pester them.

Oh yeah, that is such a good idea, sending loony wingnut rants to the police.

Oh, by all means, do! Bwahahahaha!

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