Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Headline of the Day

Columnist: ‘Registering The Poor To Vote Is Un-American’ Piece ‘Indelicately Worded’

I'm sure he heard from higher-higher that letting how they really feel slip out is 'indelicate' indeed.

From a 'comment':

It's people like this guy who routinely collect the most benefit from the government they elect! His so-called "cheese line" is penny ante compared to tax breaks and corporate welfare enjoyed by the lobbyist-class.

Yes, being given cheese that others have worked so hard to steal is definitely un-American.

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Anonymous said...

I supposedly had between 25 and 30 male ancestors that fought in the Rebellion against King George III.

To the best of my knowledge not a single one could vote after the states established their guidelines for voters.

It doesn't change.