Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Headline of the Day

Over 300 Economists Agree: It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

Well, alrighty then!

The problem is that too many people, agencies, corporations, po-leece, and for-profit prisons loves them some taxpayer money. A $trillion so far. Lose the "war on drugs"? Hell, who cares? They're making money. OUR money.


Fixer said...

They're making money. OUR money.

Wasn't it the Chimp who said "it's time to give the people's money back to them"?

David Aquarius said...

The prohibition of alcohol created organized crime in the US.

The prohibition of marijuana has allowed our elected officials to get a piece of that action.

As the old saying goes: "You don't eat the golden goose."

Gordon said...

I think we should jam their golden goose down their throats and make 'em choke on it.

bat said...

And we have 13.5 million ..or so kids in poverty.....boy they sure think ahead!
This is just sick and stupid that this law is still a part of the issue'sssss

purplepenquin said...

Unfortunately, keeping marijuana illegal is one of the few things that the party leadership of both the Repubs and Dems agree about...and nothing will change until enough people stop voting for either of those parties.

Any toker who votes for Obama or Romney is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. Why you gonna throw your vote away on someone that wants to put you in a cage?

History has shown that we'll see major changes happen quickly once enough people start voting 3rd/4th party over this issue - one or both of the "major" parties will co-op the issue in an attempt to lure those voters into the fold.