Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Did a justice’s wife leak Supreme Court drama?


NPR legal reporter Nina Totenberg spoke to Bloomberg Law yesterday about the Supreme Court’s recent healthcare reform decision and the subsequent series of stories on the deliberations based on leaks to reporters from court insiders. She made this interesting observation:

“[The leaks] had the earmarks of somebody — somebody or two bodies — who are very angry. Now that’s not necessarily a justice. Could be a justice, could be a law clerk, could be a spouse of a justice.”


Of course, there is only one “spouse of a justice” that anyone has ever heard of, and it’s America’s Sweetheart, Ginni Thomas.

[...] She is an enigma!

Note to the writer: you misspelled "enema".

Note to Clarence: If this turns out to be true and I hope it does, the crazy-right fat bleached-blond loudmouth white bitch done got yo black ass in a crack this time fo' sho', homes, and it's about time. You better git while the gittin's good. Heh.

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