Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh Hell Yeah!

Should Jeep build the `Old Man Truck’?

A real old-time pick 'em up truck! The only "voice-activated driver controls" here are "get in, sit down, hang on, and STFU". Heh.


Anonymous said...

Are those CLOTH seats??

I need a truck interior that can be hosed down - or pretty nearly.
(Dogs, cats, plants, dirty boots, snow, mud, sopping wet clothes, nephews who've been camping in the deep woods for 7 days, etc.)


Jay in N.C.

Bustednuckles said...


JEG43 said...

That'd be a keeper with a Cummings 4-banger.

Bustednuckles said...

OK, I HAD to link to this one Gord.
What a find.

Gordon said...

Yeah, hose-out capability is a must. Almost like an old truck but without the headaches of an old truck. A new old truck with a warranty. Harley-Davidsons and Royal Enfields are like that. Retro.

Are there enough of us that think like that that they will build them? We'll see. Or not.

BadTux said...

This is a 4-door Jeep Wrangler JK frame and mostly JK Wrangler interior pieces. The only new parts are the grill, hood, and bumpers. Even the truck bed and body behind the door aren't new, they were designed as part of a contract for the Egyptian Army, which bought several thousand of these (minus the cool hood, grill, and bumpers) to mount machine guns in the back as "technicals" rather than doing like everybody else in the region and buying Toyota HiLux'es to mount machine guns in the bed (heh!). Oops, I see Chisler also put a little lip over the windshield just to make it look cool.

And sorry, it's not a real old timey truck. It has a network of six (6) computers in it to control everything from automatic transmission shift points to the electric fan for the radiator to the steering wheel controls for the radio. (Yes, the radio has steering wheel controls, it's a modern navigation unit). Even the headlights are computer controlled, the headlight switch just sends a signal to a computer to turn the headlights on (needed for compliance with Canadian DRL regulations, a solid-state relay is used to pulse the headlights at half-brightness during the daytime in Canada).

In other words, this truck is not as primitive as it looks by any means. On the other hand, one thing is certain -- it has very good 4x4 capabilities, I've seen a 4 door JK (with appropriate mods) make it up places I could have sworn that no vehicle bigger than an old CJ-5 could make it through there. In fact, that's probably the only reason to build it -- there's no longer any small truck sold in America that has real 4x4 capabilities, even today's Toyota Tacoma is the same size that a full size Ford F-150 was back in the 1980's.

So would I buy it? I dunno. Depends on whether it's actually useful as a truck, I guess. But unless they put a Hemi under the hood, I can't see that it would be -- the 3.6L Pentastar is a good engine, but it's a minivan engine at heart, not a truck engine, and with the A580 minivan transmission is pretty much restricted to 3500 pounds total tow rating, which wouldn't work if you wanted to tow that trencher to the job site, right?

BadTux said...
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Fixer said...

Should Jeep build the `Old Man Truck’?

That would be a resounding YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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