Thursday, September 20, 2012

Headin' out

Oh. Now I see what Fixer means by the new interface. Sucking wet monkey ass would be better. Oh well. we'll get used to it. Yechh. We're going out to the coast for a few days. Not quite Amsterdam and points north but it'll do. See yas.


Gordon said...

In my draft that was two paragraphs. Blogger, you suck mightily.

Fixer said...

Know about in now, don'tcha? Heh ...

The next time you go to write a post, look down the right side to the "Options" tab, mit da little gear. Click on it and the last option says "Line breaks". Select "Press 'Enter' for line breaks". Click "Done".

Phil said...

Yeah Blogger done shit all over the bed.
Of course when I moved to WP, it's like I dropped off the face of the earth traffic wise.
It's like starting from scratch almost.

I just got tired of them upgrading shit that worked just fine just because they can and not giving you an option.