Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some mistakes hurt worse than others

Tagg Romney Wanted To ‘Take A Swing’ At Obama

Scenario: Tagg takes a swing at Obama. Obama wipes blood off his lip, grins, says "That the best ya got, white boy?" and proceeds to swab the deck with him. Heh.

OMG Update!

Tagg Romney's Gay Lover Speaks Out: The Inevitable Interview


"I know why he's so tense. Yes, it's because his dad is running for president. But it's because he hasn't been able to sneak away for a weekend together. He's being watched too much. His brothers have been telling him to stay away. By the way, two more of them are gay. And one of them is way into S&M, can't even get hard without having his nuts stomped by a stiletto heel. I'm pretty sure that one has had sex with the horse, too. Anyways, Taggart's texted me a few times. He talks about how much he misses me in his ass and how often he's masturbated thinking about it. He's a nice guy, way nicer than his brothers or his dad. Or his mom. This Obama punching stuff just isn't like him.

"To everyone else, Tagg Romney will be Mitt Romney's son, maybe the son of a president. But to me? He'll always be my favorite cocksucker."

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Anonymous said...

Your post is so very wrong and I find the first part hysterical. I say it to myself from time to time and smile. "That the best you got, white boy?" So wrong. So funny.