Thursday, December 13, 2012

On Fat Tony

First and last ¶ from El Rude-o:

There are few things in this world that are surely going to happen, but one that you can make book on is that Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia will die, probably in the next few years, statistics being what they are and Scalia being 76 years old and so overstuffed with anger and hatred - sorry, "animus," as he would say in the dickiest way possible - that his poisoned heart will probably explode. Hopefully while he's sodomizing his hand while watching morbidly obese ass spank porn, something titled Five-Hundred Pounds of Grey, perhaps.
Didja ever see his wife? Rosie Palm and her Five Sisters is a lot more appealing.

Yeah, Scalia will die someday. He'll never retire because what the fuck would he do with all the anger he has towards this nation? Take it out on his begonias? On the kids on his lawn? But the nation has sped by Antonin Scalia. As he wheezes his rage into the setting sun, everything he has done will surely be undone.
We can only hope. Sooner rather than later.


montag said...

I would gladly give him a free pass to the Old Country Buffet if it would speed him on his way.

Gordon said...

Point him at the deep-fried buttered chocolate-covered pound o' bacon at the dessert bar. :-)

DBK said...

Scalia hates the US because it beat his hero: Mussolini.