Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Ten Gobsmacking Politically Humorous News Stories of 2012

Will Durst

8. The entire GOP primary campaign. Party plays Candidate Whack-A-Mole for five months. Everybody takes turns beating Romney like a red headed stepchild, including some folks who aren’t even running.

7. London Olympics. Ann Romney’s horse Rafalca competes in Dressage. Event where the horse and the rider perform predetermined movements. Like interspecies dancing. Which you would think would be illegal in Utah.
Actually more widespread, you should pardon the expression, over there than you would think, if gangnam style whilst balancing on a stump or milk crate is your idea of "dancing".

1. Mitt Romney. All the charisma of a plastic picnic fork with three of the tines snapped off. May have run the worst campaign ever. And that includes New Coke, McCain/Palin and France in 39.


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