Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Die, Dick

MoDo gets it right for once in a long time.

In a documentary soon to appear on Showtime, “The World According to Dick Cheney,” America’s most powerful and destructive vice president woos history by growling yet again that he was right and everyone else was wrong.
Yeah, like a military marching formation, everybody was outta step but him. Asshole doesn't begin to cover it.

Talking to Cutler in his deep headmaster’s monotone, Cheney dispenses with the fig leaf of “we.” He no longer feigns deference to W., whom he now disdains for favoring Condi over him in the second term, and for not pardoning “Cheney’s Cheney,” Scooter Libby.
"Feigns deference to W." That was his M.O. the whole time. We know who was in charge, and it wasn't the Chimp.

He was always goosing up W.’s insecurities so he could take advantage of them. To make his crazy and appallingly costly detour from Osama to Saddam, and cherry-pick his fake case for invading Iraq, he played on W.’s fear of being lampooned as a wimp, as his father had been.

But after Vice kept W. out of the loop on the Justice Department’s rebellion against Cheney’s illegal warrantless domestic spying program, the relationship was ruptured. It was too late to rein in the feverish vice president, except to tell him he couldn’t bomb a nuclear plant in the Syrian desert.

“I don’t lie awake at night thinking, gee, what are they going to say about me?” he sums up.

They’re going to say you were a misguided powermonger who, in a paranoid spasm, led this nation into an unthinkable calamity. Sleep on that.
And don't bother waking up. This nation has unfortunately, or maybe cowardly, given him the greatest gift of his misbegotten life - the ability to die a free man instead of in prison or Gitmo like he ought to.

Note to the Dick: Take advantage of that gift and die, motherfucker. Today would be just fine.


David Aquarius said...

One of the most vile and evil men to call themselves American. It will go down as one of the great tragedies of American history that he wasn't brought before a military court, tried, convicted and executed for crimes against humanity.

We all look back at the war trials at Nuremberg and say 'Justice was done here'. That such a thing could never be said about Cheney will be our ever-lasting shame.

Dick, here's to a long and fruitless life of obscurity and revulsion ending in a excruciatingly painful and extended death.

montag said...

Still looking forward to the bus trip to his grave site to piss on it with my fellow travelers.

Are you on the bus?

Anonymous said...

We spend so much money giving Dick his implants and heart transplants while 1,000s of sick children probably die just so this guy can continue to spew his evilness all over creation. Truly, justice is dead.

Gordon said...

I'd like to piss on him before he dies and tell him it's raining and see how he likes his own medicine.