Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today's 'must read' at The Political Garbage Chute.

Okay, Tea Baggers, really. It’s time for you guys to fuck off out of American politics. You have gone over the backside of sanity, landed in a pile of stupidity and then topped it all off by playing in traffic. I could handle Benghazi. I could handle Fast and Furious. I could handle the IRS scandal. I could handle the AP tapping scandal. That being said…

When you start freaking the fuck out because the President had a Marine hold his umbrella at a press conference, you have proven yourself unfit for adult conversation.
They proved that long ago but this one is absolutely the most ridiculous reaction yet.

You are dumbing our country down. No one in their right mind has any business being upset about this, seriously. This is the kind of shit you should be embarrassed to grouse about, because it is so very, very inconsequential. In fact, it’s the kind of thing you only notice when your hatred for someone has made you blind with rage. It’s when you idiots harp about subjects like this that it becomes almost impossible not to assume some kind of racial element is at play. Otherwise, why would you care? Why would you waste your energy? Life here on this planet is short — and it could be even shorter now that we know carbon levels in our atmosphere are at extremely precarious levels to say the least — so why waste any of that time being angry about something that Marine probably felt honored to be asked to do?
That Marine was probably so glad he wasn't anywhere he could get blown to bits by disgruntled goat fuckers he would have gladly tickled Obama's ass with a feather.

I think I understand though why you decided to give a fuck about Umbrellagate. It’s because you know deep down that Benghazi was squashed and now may wind-up blowing up in the GOP’s face since they decided to doctor the White House emails. The IRS scandal will likely end up pushing the pendulum back towards sanity in campaign finance, and may even be used to justify a renewed push to overturn Citizens United. Already two of your pet scandals have been effectively put to rest — not that Grand Inquisitor Darrell Issa will get the memo, but somewhere inside your blackened hearts you know this to be the case. So it’s time for Rush, Hannity and Beck to tell you the next manufactured outrage you need to partake in.

As bad as our Bush Derangement Syndrome was, Obama Derangement Syndrome is a far more virulent strain, fed TO idiots BY idiots.


Syrbal/Labrys said...

" fed TO idiots BY idiots."

Does this mean we get to make foie gras of their livers?

Or, does that question mean I've watched one too many episodes of the new "Hannibal" television series?!

Gordon said...

That would be the most polluted liver you ever ate! You'd be better off eating a used oil filter!

CAFKIA said...

Here is my relevant post on G+.

Dear Confused GOP,

Barack H. Obama is the President of the United States. Included in that role is his title of Commander in Chief of the United States Military. Included in the military are the United States Marines. If in his role of CiNC he gives an order that is neither illegal nor unethical, then there is nothing wrong with it. He is well within his rights to override the standing orders against a Marine in uniform carrying an umbrella as would be any officer who was militarily senior to the Marine being given the order. Of course, you would know this if you had served in the military which, most of you, especially your senior politicians and policy makers, did not.

It is this USN veteran's opinion that y'all really need to shut up about this if you do not wish to further expose your ignorance and apparent lack of patriotism.

a liberal who served (a very common situation)

BadTux said...

My impression is that the President really didn't give a shit who brought an umbrella, he just needed an umbrella because his hands were occupied keeping his speech from flying off the podium. I suspect he didn't expect a Marine to hold the umbrella, I suspect he expected an aide to bring an umbrella and hold it, but the Marine brought it, so... what the fuck. Whatever works.

BTW, I think I might know one of those two Marines, he's been flying the President around lately. And yeah, damn straight he's fine and dandy with holding an umbrella rather than getting blown up by a dumb-ass jihadi. He did his three (3) tours in Iraq and his two (2) tours in Afghanistan, and managed to survive, his chopper didn't get shot down or fall out of the air or catch an RPG in a hot LZ but some of his peers didn't make it. So damn straight he has no problem at all with this plum-ass job... he doesn't personally have a lot of liking for Obama, but he's a Marine, and Obama is his Commander-in-Chief, and that's that. End of story. COmmander in Chief wants an umbrella, Commander in Chief gets an umbrella. Enough said.

Gordon said...

Thank you, gents.

Gordon said...

BTW, the Marine Corporal holding the umbrella over the Prez is wearing an American Defense Service medal aka "Firewatch") and one for GWOT (I think) which suggests he may not be a combat veteran. Then again, he may not be wearing all his medals but why wear only the most junior ones?

BadTux said...

The one holding the umbrella over the Pres isn't the one I know. Actually I don't think either of them were, now that I zoom in on the picture closer. It's hard to tell, he looks quite different in full Marine getup than he looks in his civvies, which is how I see him most of the time. Besides, he probably was with the chopper, I understand that they keep the chopper fueled up and ready to go so that they can whisk the President out at a moment's notice if, say, they get word that a nuclear weapon is on its way towards Washington D.C. or something like that...

Oh, best response by a Marine:

We’re Marines, if the President of the fucking United States asks you to hold a fucking umbrella, you hold a fucking umbrella. As well, the day I give a shit about a boot Corporal holding an umbrella is the day I’ve forgotten what the Marine Corps is. Honestly, holding an umbrella for the President is probably the least demeaning thing I could imagine doing as a Marine, as opposed to the other bullshit I had to do every day. No one would think twice about asking a boot to police call cigarette butts across the entire base at 5am, but the minute this boot has to hold an umbrella for the Commander in Chief, people get upset.

He’s the President, he rates an umbrella.

Get over it.