Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quote of the Day

From a piece on the Repugs' "rebranding" "effort" at Maddowblog.

Meet the new Republican Party; it looks an awful lot like the old Republican Party. Rebranding isn't a failure; it's a punch-line to an unfortunate joke.
Not sure if "joke" is the right word. Jokes are supposed to be funny. The Repugs are anything but funny. On the other hand, I will laugh my ass off at their funeral.

Related QotD El Segundo:

Also from Maddow, with video.

“Should the Republican Party be just the party of aggrieved white people, even to the extent that it may stray occasionally into Confederate territory in order to do that?” Maddow wondered. “Do you want that in order to maximize every possible white vote you can get out of an electorate that is less and less white all the time?”

The other option was to become a multi-racial party. But Maddow observed that the conservative media appeared to be unanimous in its opinion: Stick with white voters.
I happily say, with a shit-eatin' grin, ¡Adios, Repuglicanos! Heh.

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