Thursday, July 11, 2013

The GOP Is Terrified Obamacare Could Be a Success

The Daily Beast

Why are Republicans so scared of Obamacare? Because, says Jon Favreau, they’re frightened that it might actually work.

But here’s my question: if Republicans are so confident Obamacare will end badly, why not just shut up about it? It’s not like they have the votes to repeal the law—a math problem they still haven’t solved after 37 different tries. Their appeal to the Supreme Court ended in defeat at the hands of a conservative chief justice. And now the bulk of the plan will begin to take effect in just a few months.

At this point, why not sit back and wait for this crazy experiment to self-destruct? Why not let President Obama and the Democrats reckon with the millions of angry Americans who will undoubtedly hate their new insurance or their new insurance protections?
I sure hate mine. California implemented the laws that were to take effect nationwide in October early, as of July 1. Our premium went from $800 per month to $288 for our Medicare supplement for the same coverage. We have to pay additional for prescription coverage which we did not before, but that's $48 per month. So, from $800 to $326 per month. I hate that. Wouldn't you? Heh.

But today, the antigovernment zealots who have taken over the once-proud Republican Party feel they must burn our village to save it. They are actively trying to prevent Americans who have been too poor or sick to get health insurance from knowing that all three branches of their democratically elected government have passed and upheld a law that will finally allow them to see a doctor without going broke.

But there is now plenty of evidence that if we as a nation want Obamacare to work, it will work; that if we can extract ourselves from the trench warfare that preceded the passage of the law, we can all start focusing on fixing and improving it over the next year. Out in America, I know there are not only plenty of Democrats and Independents who feel this way, but Republicans as well. What these Americans need to do now is speak up and be heard, because the antics of their frightened representatives in Washington are endangering the health care of millions and embarrassing their party in the process.
Basically, the Repugs have gone on for so long that government doesn't work that they will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't work lest their entire ideology be shown as the scam that deep down even they know it is.


WhyNot said...

Maybe the Repugnicans want to jealously keep USA's rating at # 33 worldwide? This rating is WHO's (World Health Organization), which has consistently (for the last 30 years) placed USA's health care rating at # 33 among the world's 160-odd countries. Just ahead of Somalia! Yippeee!!! Something well worth fighting for!

Anonymous said...

Regressives do want gov't to work, for them and their cronies. What they do is who they are, not their so-called ideology, which is the justification for largely unearned privilege. The new love of the old confederacy we are seeing is a dead giveaway. Racial and sexual apartheid works to protect their status. and they have invented a phony "free market" (legalized bribery and influence peddling, insider trading, etc.) philosophy to justify it. They don't even believe it themselves.

casey said...

Hello Gordon,

While it will lower prices for the near future there is no cost controls put in place on the "Health Mangling Industrial Complex". The real solution, which in my opinion will not happen is Single Payer. The "Health Mangling Industrial Complex" needs to become a servant of the people and not its master! The "non-Insurance" segment needs to become a glorified bookkeeper. Big Pharma needs to be regulate to only charge for funds that they expend in developing drugs plus a tiny fixed amount for profit (like utilities used to get) and not in the cost of advertising or executive perks such as vacations, health insurance policies, etc.

Gordon said...

Casey, please read Single Payer Is Like A Beer Run.

DBK said...

The Rethuglicans have been destroying government ever since Reagan in an attemt to prove it doesn't work and all they have proven is that Republican government doesn't work, and deliberately at that. Look at FEMA. Clinton, when he took office, made FEMA a priority because of what he saw after Hurricane Andrew. That effort culminated in FEMA's successful efforts in the 1997 Red River Flood.

When Bush took office a few years later, one of his first acts was to appoint Joe Allbaugh as head of FEMA and that guy set about destorying the agency. And then Katrina czzme along after Allbaugh had wrecked the agency and caused all the professionals to quit.