Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh. the irony

Ironic Times

In historic “Buy One, Get One Free” ceremony.

Bill Introduced in Congress Would Create National Park on the Moon
Already, the wait for a decent campsite is 6 months.

Claiming an Error, Feds Rescind Approval of Powdered Alcohol Product “Palcohol
Seemed like a great idea, until they sobered up.
Those who'd rather mainline booze directly into their bloodstream are also in luck. Palcohol can be snorted!
What could possibly go wrong ... ?

Los Angeles Clippers Owner Caught Telling Girlfriend to Not Bring Blacks to Games
Clippers, with only J.J.Redick and Hedo Türkoglu available, lose to Golden State, 319-12.

Recent Book Proposes U.S., Canada Merge
We get oil, maple syrup, hockey players, they get Bible belt, high fructose corn syrup, baseball players.
War with Canada on the horizon...

1 comment:

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Shucky darn, as a former Kool-Aid powder eater, I was sort of looking forward to Palcohol. Oh, well....