Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Democratic Talking Points

Since you guys so suck at getting a message out, I've compiled 10 points that should get you all on the same page and clear some of the dead wood and DINOs [I just realized I wrote RINOs originally. My bad. - F-man] out of the Party

1. There are no such thing as pro-life Democrats. If you classify yourself as 'pro-life' it means you support a principle of the Republican Party. You support the government legislating what your constituents can do with their own bodies. The Democratic Party does not advocate repealing civil rights.

2. If you are against gay rights (marriage included) you are not a Democrat for the same reasons as stated in 1.

3. If you are a 'war hawk', turn in your membership card. The only reason the United States goes to war is to defend our borders and sovereignty, period.

4. For the foreseeable future, the word 'bipartisan' had better not cross your lips. If you've learned anything, being 'bipartisan' only gets you fucked and made to look like fools.

5. You will not say the word 'misled' when describing the President, the White House, the war in Iraq, the Republican Congress, anything Republican. They lied, period. Even if you're not sure, by now we know if the Republicans' lips are moving, they're lying. Evidence of it will surface soon enough.

6. You will end the 'collegial atmosphere' with Republican memebers of Congress. If you are on a talk show and disagree with the resident Rethug, don't say, 'while Mr. X is a friend of mine, blah blah blah'. No, you will say, 'this lying, enabling prick is trying to snow you and the American public by supporting Plan X and is shoveling in the bullshit like the coming of the high tide', or something to that effect. They are not your friends and don't want to 'work with their Democratic counterparts'. They want to crush you and put a Rethug in your seat. Got me?

7. You will never, ever, say you give the Republicans the 'benefit of the doubt'. They've proven they should never be given that benefit again. Assume everything they do has nefarious motives.

8. You will never say the word 'trust' in the same sentence as 'Republicans' unless you're giving reasons not to trust them.

9. If you vote for any bill that puts the interest of industry over environment, you'll be kicked out, period. We've seen when industry and manufacturing of any form is allowed to shape government policy and the results aren't pretty. Same goes if you say you are unsure about Global Warming. Get out.

10. If you ever, ever let that idiot Kaine speak on a national platform again...

Try and get on some of these before the election season goes into full swing.

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