Sunday, February 18, 2007

For the folks who brought you...everything

Got this from Scroff:

[I need a favor. I'm asking people to link to Merchant Marine Benefits at Please go check out the site and if you think it's appropriate put up a link. Also, while you 're at it, send an email to your representative asking them to co-sponsor HR 23, The Belated Thank You to Merchant Mariners of WWII Act of 2007.]

It's for damn sure appropriate. Thanks for lettin' me in on it. Doolittle (R-CA) will be hearing from me as well.

Basically, the Act provides for a $1000 per month stipend for the surviving merchant sailors, average age 82, or their widows. Chicken feed for the service they gave.

You folks know what to do.

Here's a little extra on the WWII Merchant Marine. Off the top of my head, I can tell you that those brave sailors went in harm's way in un- or under-armed merchantmen. A lot of them died doing it, with no benefits of any kind. We could not have won WWII without them.

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