Monday, February 19, 2007

Giuliani, Tsunami Relief, Celebrity Speaking Fees

That Rudy Giulian took $100,000 + use of a "Gulfstream 4 or larger" to speak at a tsunami relief organization in 2005 is outrageous enough and should certainly lead to serious questions about whether he belongs in the White House or not is pretty much a given. But in all the discussion of this no one has questioned the sanity of the board of the relief organization that gave in to those demands. Oklahoma State University released a copy of their contract with Giuliani which shows similar fees (and documents the cost of the jet at $47,000). Aren't they at all embarassed that they did this?

What is it with speaker's fees? Who in the world is worth $100k to listen to? The boards of charitable organizations and the responsible parties at state schools should be being investigated for paying these amounts of money. As far as I can see, short of God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Satan or some other deity appearing in person (and that would warrant the fees strictly on a curiosity basis), no one on the face of this planet is worth that kind of money to speak. Especially when it involves a charitable or state institution. Most of us here already know that Giuliani is a vain asshole in a suit who became famous by playing hero for the cameras while the guy who should have been the hero was hiding somewhere, so there's really no story there. The story is the speaker's fees.


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