Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gimme some skull...

Working For Change

The most recent Slowpoke strip studies the strong surge of skulls-as-style statement. What's with the fashion fetish for death heads? Maybe it's just a side project of the Bush Administration to make devastation cool again...

Working For Change has no idea how close they really are:

Death's Head emblem worn by SS-Totenkopfverbände soldiers

Motto reads in English: My Honor's name is Loyalty

"Side" project?

Think Gonzales, Rumsfeld, "Heckuva job", etc. A lot of loyalty but no honor. All the people of honor have been replaced with loyal incompetent yes-boss hacks. As they are found out or the kool-aid wears off, they leave to 'spend more time with their families', hopefully on visiting day. In most cases, the 'B-team' replacements are even worse, with a few exceptions.

The Death and Destruction, the Lies and Crimes, the Incompetence and Arrogance, continue. And will right into the bunker. I anxiously await VB Day.

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