Friday, June 22, 2007


If you need to see which political party is more in tune with the American mainstream, just look at the group pictures of the Dem and Rethug presidential candidates. IF you look at the Dems, what do you see?

A black guy, a Hispanic guy, a woman.

Look at the Rethugs.

Rich, middle-aged white guys.

Not saying the Dems are wonderful, boy do they have some problems, but if you want a party who understands about what every day folks deal with they are the only solution right now.

I refuse to vote for that moron Nader, whom I had the misfortune to see both on Wolfie's and on Noballs yesterday. To vote for someone only because they are different than the rest is no reason. And yes, Al Gore could have done better in 2000, namely by putting Clinton on the campaign trail with him, but Nader knew what he was doing and knew the Dem vote would be split. He'll never be forgiven for the carnage done to the American system. He is as guilty as Bush.

Let me explain something that most don't get. A political party, a major one like the Rethugs and Dems, have an infrastructure set up in every state. As you've seen over the past 6 years, such an infrastructure is necessary to get the candidate's, and later the nominee's message to the people. An independent has no such infrastructure, no allies in Congress to help with important legislation, no election infrastructure to get other independent candidates elected to Congress and local legislatures.

An Independent President will end up being a lame duck in the first year of his term. Unfortunately, the Dems are our best be right now, especially if we want to correct all the fuckups committed during the Chimp's tenure.

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