Wednesday, June 20, 2007

War footing?

Creature is right when he details what Iraq is really about:


Over the course of the last four years our Dear Leader, and his wingnut base, have preached to us that the United States is caught in a struggle of civilizations where our steadfastness is necessary and our weakness will be our demise as a nation. So, in essence, to analogize from Mr. Crocker, the issue is whether we are a country and a government at war.

We are told we are at war, yet we are encouraged to go shopping. We are told we are at war, yet tax cuts abound. We are told we are at war, yet profits continue to be made off the backs of our soldiers. We are told we are at war, yet the sacrifice is not shared.


Indeed, my friend. That was the first indication this war didn't pass the sniff test. If this was an all out clash of civilizations, the draft would have been enacted and we would all be focused on the 'war effort'.

The whole purpose of the 'War on Terror' is a cover to hide what we really went into Iraq for, and that's the oil.

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