Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We have a right to be fed up with the cost of this war says Digby:


Americans have every right to be sick of this war, for all the reasons we discuss here and all over the country every day. But they have a right to be appalled that we are throwing this gigantic sum of money into that sinkhole too, even as we see Americans dying from .... sinkholes, and all kinds of neglected infrastructure, bad health care, environmental degradation, tainted food supply, natural disasters and a host of other ills that only the government can deal with --- and isn't. Now they are about to start with their tired mantra of "tax and spend," and insist on cutting even more necessary programs after they've run up a trillion dollar debt for an unnecessary war and enriched their defense contractor owners beyond their wildest dreams.


Exactly right. This war has turned out to be the Contractor Welfare Program. You know, around here we don't have much of a problem spending money for the troops' needs, better armor, better benefits, better VA care, but when that money goes directly to contractors, whose stock price has gone through the roof, and the troops are left vulnerable, we got a big fucking problem. This is a war for nothing and all we're doing is throwing good money after bad, and our troops are paying the price.

Dems take heed: Not another dime for this war! Defund and bring 'em home now.

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