Friday, July 27, 2007

Soreness ...

Feel that pain in your nether regions? That's because Exxon/Mobil is giving us our quarterly reaming:

Gosh, how are they going to find the money to fund global warming denier Lee Raymond's retirement program? You know if the GOP still controlled Congress, they would be shoveling over more corporate welfare because Exxon only hit $10.26 billion, down slightly from Q2 2006 when they set the all time record for a quarterly profit. At least Exxon found a schmuck from the AP to give them an easy headline "Exxon Mobil 2Q profit slips" in hopes of minimizing the downright massive profit they just reported.


Far be it the price of gas come down but that bastid can get a half-billion dollar retirement bonus. Old folks are freezing to death in the winter but heaven forbid they get a break in the price of heating oil.

Talk about raping the public, and that isn't even considering the tax breaks Cheney arranged for them to get. Nobody who shows a 3-month profit of $10bln deserves a tax break.

And just an anecdote: The cost of my commute has doubled in 3 years.

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