Monday, August 20, 2007

How to be a conservative pundit

Chris Kelly in a HuffPost about Peggy Noonan:

And then it struck me, suddenly, like a slow-moving vehicle: That's how you get a job as a conservative pundit. Figure out what makes you different from a white, male, protestant businessman, and hate your own guts for it.

If you're black, hate civil rights. If you're a woman, hate feminism. If you grew up poor, despise the poor. If you're a visible minority, demand more profiling. If you're gay, say you're cured. If you're Jewish, praise anti-Semites, if you're Christian, praise war. If you're Michelle Malkin... I don't know where you start with your problems if you're Michelle Malkin.

Just take a good, long look in the mirror, and ask yourself: Who am I? And how am I failing to be Neil Bush?

I think that goes a long way toward explaining why there are gay and minority Repuglicans - beat me, whip me, exploit me, lie to me and steal from me and trample on my rights, but let me be one of you because I hate myself. Or just make me rich and give me power over others like myself and fuck everybody else.

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