Monday, August 20, 2007

Winning hearts and minds ...

How it's done:

Pristina. Hundreds of Kosovo Albanians attended a folk concert to celebrate the 61th birthday of former US president Bill Clinton on Sunday, remembering his support for their separatist struggle.

Dancing to Albanian folk music before a huge birthday cake outside the national theatre, they expressed gratitude for Clinton's approval of a NATO bombing campaign to end a Serbian crackdown during the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict.

"I hope president Clinton lives to be 101. I hope his wife Hillary is elected president and rules America as her husband did," said Lutfi Salihu, a 66-year-old pensioner who attended the concert.

"If it wasn't for him you wouldn't have one single Albanian in Kosovo nowadays."


Think the Iraqis are gonna be celebrating the Chimp's birthday anytime soon? Me neither.

Big tip o' the Brain to Maru.

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