Monday, September 24, 2007

Generals Speak Out

A twofer at Truthout:


Corpus Christi - Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez said Saturday there is a "crisis in national political leadership" and that partisanship is preventing a strategy that would help the U.S. take on the threat of Islamic extremism.

Thank you for saying it where people can hear it, General. Too bad the MSM won't.

After his speech, Sanchez wouldn't name names, but told The Associated Press he was referring to "the most senior leadership in our nation."

Sanchez said Saturday he is not surprised that the U.S. still has a presence in Iraq, nor is he surprised at current troop levels. But, he said, focusing on troop numbers will not end the conflict.

What may put a start to the end of this deal is if a buncha you old Flags go get those creeps and rendition them somewhere. The Hague would be nice, but anywhere with iron bars will do. Maybe some palm trees and scantily-clad brownskin gals...

Mark Sauer:

What might be called The Revolt of the Generals has rarely happened in the nation's history.

In op-ed pieces, interviews and TV ads, more than 20 retired U.S. generals have broken ranks with the culture of salute and keep it in the family. Instead, they are criticizing the commander in chief and other top civilian leaders who led the nation into what the generals believe is a misbegotten and tragic war.

It was a decision none of the men approached cavalierly. Most were political conservatives who had voted for George W. Bush and initially favored his appointment of Donald Rumsfeld as defense secretary.

But they felt betrayed by Bush and his advisers.

"The ethos is: Give your advice to those in a position to make changes, not the media," said Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, now retired. "But this administration is immune to good advice."

Listening to good advice, indeed common sense, are not Cheney maladministration policy.

Please read the rest of these.

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