Monday, September 24, 2007


Blue Girl on the faux outrage over the MoveOn ad:


IOKIYAR*? I guess so - Republicans can demean and degrade and insult veterans, but if a Democrat asks legitimate questions the foam-flecked fuckwits get in a lather?

Until someone can explain this, you outraged lot can quietly and expeditiously fuck right the hell off.


They disrespected Max Cleland, a man who gave three of his limbs in combat. They disrespected John Kerry, who was wounded three times in combat. But yet, if someone points out what an ass-kissing shill Petreaus is, it's the end of the world. Blue Girl has some good advice:


Make a donation to MoveOn today!

As with many others, I refuse to donate to the Dems, on any level, until they make a real effort to get us out of Iraq. The mealy-mouthed horseshit they've been playing since January ain't cutting it. MoveOn gets what I would have given them.

And just a note: I was annoyed when the Chimp disparaged McCain in 2000, but I lost any respect I had for the man when he took up Bush's cause. McCain deserves everything he gets. I won't stand up for a man who doesn't respect himself.


And before I split, before I hear about coming down on the Dems once again, let me say this. In 2002, when the Chimp was rattling his saber at Iraq, how many Dems went along with it because they had the "what could go wrong" attitude? They figured we'd drag our beefy cock across Mesopotamia and in a couple weeks, everything would be happy, like after Gulf 1. They listened to all that tough guy talk from Bush and Rummy and they got all big and beefy too. Iraq is their war too and I'm tired of this "it's Bush's mess, let him sit in it" attitude from them now. Like I've said many times before. People are dying every day thanks to the Dems' political expediency. It's time to end it, defund it, impeach the White House, whatever it takes, whether you destroy a talking point for '08 or not. Even if it costs them their jobs.

*It's OK If You're A Republican.

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