Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colonoscopy as a Terrorist Interrogation Technique

Go see The Smirking Chimp. This lends a whole new meaning to 'liquid alert'.

Now for the even better news. In the subsequent hours, as you consume more and more clear fluid, you will be experiencing many, many openings of your own personal anal dam valve. All this will be taking place many hours after you have stopped eating any solid foods whatsoever. Think of yourself becoming progressively hungry, weak and totally evacuated.

It is as if some ingenious person has figured out a way to connect a hose to a fire hydrant and feed it directly into your gut, and then opened the hydrant up repeatedly. Talk about a terrorist suspect spilling their guts!

Now tell me, can’t you imagine the impact of this experience on a stubborn, silent terrorist?

I would dearly love to be the 'valve man' on a fire hose enema for Cheney and Bush as well! I have a lovely visual of really wide eyes and six jets of high pressure water...

Add some soap flakes and colored lights and it'd be a sight to gladden the soul.

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