Sunday, November 4, 2007

" they stumble blindly toward the finish line and history's harsh judgment"

Joe Galloway on 'Bush's War World III' (BWWIII). 'War World' is starting to make more sense to me than 'World War'.

What are they smoking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? The very idea is dumb as a fencepost and best left to the biggest pied piper of what passes for neoconservative thought, Norman Podhoretz. Yet President Bush and his able assistant, Vice President Dick Cheney, are marching to that tune and humming along lustily.

There is no crisis here and no earthly reason to manufacture one on short notice, except for the fact that in less than 15 months, the Bush administration will pass ignominiously into history. Then a new chief executive can begin dealing with ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a national debt nearing $10 trillion, a terrorist threat to America only made stronger by eight years of Bush and Cheney, and a national economy trembling on the brink of recession.

As though that weren't a big enough mess to leave behind, these brilliant thinkers want to bequeath a third and far more dangerous war to whoever is unlucky enough to win the tussle of midgets (my em) that passes for a presidential contest.

There are two questions here: Why? And why now?

He go on to 'splain, oh indeed he do!

All of this argues against Bush and Cheney doing anything more than running their mouths and pretending to be relevant, studly and in charge as they stumble blindly toward the finish line and history's harsh judgment.

No one in their right mind would believe that attacking Iran now makes any sense. But that doesn't mean Bush and Cheney won't do it.

There were a lot of reasons why a pre-emptive strike into Iraq based on flimsy and bogus intelligence and far too few troops made no sense, yet they did it anyway, with trademark arrogance and ignorance.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I left that last line in there because it points up the fact, I think, that while Bush and The Dick are using fear to try to get support for their insanity, what we really need to fear is them. Not them personally, of course, they're punks, but what they could do.

Better to remove them before they can do this evil thing. Whether by impeachment or just their heads on a pike, mox nix.