Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Total Drag

I only bring this up because it's fun to catch a Repug Bush man doing something silly and, well, soooo typical of them!

Pensito Review

Bush Judge Appointee Resigns After DUI Arrest While Cross Dressing

When authorities removed him from the vehicle, they said he wore a black women’s cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heels.

But in his mug shot, the judge appears to be wearing blue eye shadow. Way to wreck a really chic look, Robert.

From All Spin Zone:

No word on whether Judge Somma looks good with blue eye shadow, or in pumps. We’ll try to get that news for you later.

If a federal bankruptcy judge wants to dress up and go have some fun while his wife's out of town, that's plenty OK. It's his business how he wants to dress and whom he wishes to go drink with.

Until he gets caught, that is. Heh.

All the blogs are concentrating on the ladies' apparel, but they're missing the larger point - that's a little funny, but his lack of judgment by driving drunk is more serious. Drunk driving is selfish and socially irresponsible. He should have had a designated driver or taken a cab.

Note to Judge Somma from a multiply-convicted former drunk driver: Be damn glad you didn't hurt anyone. You're cute in the little black dress, though...

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