Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Fine 4th of July Indeed


No sooner had Bush started speaking at the naturalization ceremony welcoming new American citizens than protesters began shouting at him, calling him a “war criminal.” The President paused in his remarks and then responded, “To my fellow citizens, we believe in free speech in the United States of America.” One woman moved towards the stage before being stopped by security, but other protesters still made their voices heard. Only minutes later, another protester shouted expletives at the President, while still another called Bush “a fascist”. By the time Bush finished his 10-minute remarks, at least nine protesters had been escorted out of the event by law enforcement. Protesters also lined the President’s motorcade route, chanting “Arrest Bush” as he drove to and from the Monticello ceremony.

They're not bothering to herd protesters into "free speech zones" blocks from his motorcade route any more, nor trying to shield Bush's privileged & pampered eyes from seeing citizen reaction to the evil he has done.

He can still do a lot of damage, but he doesn't matter much any more.

The United States has a lot to live down in Bush's wake, but we're starting to recover. The process will continue as long as there is no 3rd Bush term.

A promising birthday present for our country.



AfterDowningStreet has much, much more, Five videos, many pictures, loadsa text.

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