Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pro-Hate Prop 8

As luck would have it, Jersey Guy's post this morning, just below this one, contains the phrase 'Dark Age inanity'. Looks like we're on a roll.

Here in California we got a buncha ugly goin' on in the form of Proposition 8. Basically, if it passes, it will amend our State Constitution to say that marriage is only legal between a man and a woman.

The TV commercials are on 24/7, funded largely by out-of-state Mormons. Some of the other proponents are the Knights of Columbus and, surprise, surprise, Focus On The Family.

They are using the tried and true tactics of Fear and The Big Lie, telling folks that if this prop is defeated, teachers will 'teach homosexual marriage' to elementary school kids and there's nothing parents can do about it. Apparently, approximately that did in fact happen in Massachusetts.

This ain't Massachusetts. In California, parents can opt their kids out of sex education classes and the No on 8 ads do their best to rebut the idea that 'homosexual marriage' would be 'taught' in any case. The ads are very weak. The pro-hate whackjobs' M.O. of Big Money, Fear, & Lies trump Facts every time.

There's about a bazillion videos you can go see, pro and con, but I chose this one that's too long for TV, sadly, at 8:47, but gives an excellent argument for eliminating discrimination from the law instead of installing it.

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson of Inner Light Ministries


From a letter to the Head Saint from Courage Campaign:

Dear President-Prophet Thomas Monson,

We are particularly troubled that your church is funding television and radio ads that are lying to Californians about the effects of a "No" vote against Proposition 8. We are disappointed that you have chosen to break the Ninth Commandment - "thou shalt not bear false witness." The ads that you have funded bear false witness by not telling Californians that parents actually have absolute rights to remove their children from sex education classes, unlike in Massachusetts.

We ask you to recognize that every education authority in the state has rejected the lies and distortions of the Prop 8 campaign, including the California Teachers Association and the California School Boards Association. We also ask you to listen to a member of your church, Brigham Young University adjunct law professor Morris Thurston, who has called on the Mormon Church to "instruct its members that reliance on misleading and false 'consequences' is not worthy of our basic values of honesty and fair dealing."

Me 'n Mrs. G signed it, but fat lotta good it'll do, like asking Genghis Khan to spare your town because pillaging, rape, and murder aren't 'nice'. We're all just infidels to them. I've had enough unpleasant dealings with Mormons that I don't like them. Yes, I know it's unfair of me to base my feelings toward all of them on the actions of a few, but I think they're a buncha insular, arrogant pricks anyway. So sue me.

Update 2:

Part of an e-mail I got this morning from Courage Campaign:

Your response has been overwhelming -- 8,485 Californians have joined you in signing the letter in less than 48 hours!

Now, the Associated Press is reporting that (No, I will not link to it - G) -- the organization leading the "Yes on 8" campaign -- is embroiled in a shocking new scandal driven by a Mormon Church member. This week, the Prop 8 campaign sent a certified letter to several California businesses, demanding that they withdraw their support for Equality California, a nonprofit organization leading the "No on 8" campaign -- and instead donate to support the Prop 8 campaign.

The price of not complying with this letter's demands? Placement on a public blacklist of anti-Prop 8 businesses published by the official "Yes on 8" campaign.

Mark Jansson, a "Yes on 8" Executive Committee member and self-described member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was one of four signers to this blackmail letter. This latest episode is yet another example of intimidation by the Mormon Church to pass Prop 8 and dictate public policy to Californians.

There's a lot of rocks in Utah. Get back under 'em, Mormons. Better do it. We won't pile enough rocks on you here to keep the coyotes from gettin' you.

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