Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moonbeam in Arizona

Kind of a clever gimmicky tongue-in-cheek article about our Once-and-Future-Gubernador-Elect, who is on vacation for a last moment of sanity before plunging into the bottomless pit of trying to make sense of this place. This is a travel article with lotsa links to places to go in AZ, which despite its despicable politics is a terrific place to visit.

The details of this trip are hazy, and Brown’s office didn’t immediately respond to requests for clarification on Thursday and Friday morning. No doubt some people are perplexed that California’s new Democrat governor would take his holiday in a state that some liberal Californians are boycotting over its stance on undocumented immigrants.

But for many Californians and veteran Arizona visitors, there’s a simpler question here: You’re about to become head of a conflict-riven household that’s about $25 billion in debt. Shouldn’t you be in Las Vegas?

I'm sure they'd comp ya up one side and down the other if ya show up already $25B in the hole! A reverse whale. Heh.

But no. If it were still 1977, we’d suspect that the once-and-future governor was in Sedona, clinging to the back of a Pink Jeep as it rambles toward an alleged energy vortex (and that had better be clean energy). Or maybe he’d be in the hinterlands near Flagstaff, sprawled on the roof at one of those sky-watchers’ B&Bs, where the moonbeams come streaming down bright as day.

And come to think of it, doesn’t Linda Ronstadt have family in Arizona?

I think Linda lives in Frisco now, which already has a lotta Pink Everythings, but California could sure as shit use a few Clean Energy Spiritual-and-Otherwise Vortices! Available at the gift shop as you exit Sedona.

Very entertaining. Go read.

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