Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dog Whistle for Prayer Warriors - Palin as Victim of Blood Libel

Interesting. Creepy. In two parts. Many links.

Talk To Action

Palin's use of the term "blood libel" has caused a furor for reasons described in Chip Berlet's article. Journalists have speculated whether use of the term was inadvertent, with one writer stating that because Palin is from Alaska, she is "oblivious to the sensitivities and political correctness" of the lower 48. Palin knows her base and its sensitivities. Some of her supporters believe themselves to be the most persecuted and oppressed minority in American history. Their media warns that Christian patriots are the new Jews, headed for a holocaust at the hands of a "dangerous Marxist/Leftist/Homosexual/Islamic coalition." In a video titled "Marxism in America," (Ret.) Lt. Gen. William Boykin warns that Obama and his brown shirts (planned in the healthcare bill) are leading to an authoritarian state. The video was promoted on numerous Tea Party websites prior to the election. Militant imagery has become commonplace, including "spiritual mapping" featuring marked targets showing the location of demons which must be eliminated from communities. (More on this in Part Two.)

The underlying and growing anti-Semitism in these narratives has been evident for years to anyone who bothers to look at the books and videos being marketed to millions in the prophecy/conspiracy genre. The message is often camouflaged in Christian Zionist "pro-Israel" sentiments and many Jewish leaders have decided to look the other way. In these prophecy narratives all other religions are brutally destroyed, but there is a particular fixation on the humiliation and destruction of Judaism. Those promoting these narratives do not see them as anti-Semitic since they are convinced that they will save many Jews from eternal damnation.

Shorter: they feel they have to burn the village in order to save it.

From Part Two:

In Alaska the New Apostolic Reformation or "apostolic and prophetic" movement and the organizing of prayer warriors was spearheaded by Apostle Mary Glazier. Glazier spoke at a national convention about Palin joining her group at the age of 24 and Glazier continued to meet with Palin through the 2008 election, as confirmed by Charisma magazine.

Apostles and prophets throughout the movement celebrated Palin as having been "anointed" by God. This included a prophecy disseminated internationally by Glazier which was supposedly a vision indicating that Palin would take on the mantle of leadership after a death, presumably John McCain's.

I think I mentioned somewhere some time back that McCain would have been dead or committed by now had he been elected.

In addition to mapping and prayer warfare, apostles will often anoint the location with oil or plant a bible in the ground. Most of the spiritual mapping that I've seen also targets other religions including Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic houses of worship. Tolerance of others, such as homosexuals and those of other religions, is not considered a virtue but a failure to fight evil. Palin's quote from today's speech "...we certainly must not be deterred by those who embrace evil and call it good" is a common refrain which attacks liberals as supporting evil in the guise of tolerance and acceptance.

Scary shit. I think I'd rather face a platoon of zombies armed only with a salt shaker than these zealots.

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