Saturday, February 26, 2011

Plan B

On Thursday, the last nice day before the next snowstorm, I went out to shovel the five feet of snow off my deck. When Motha(bleep)in' Nature blew the very first shovelful into my face I went to Plan B which was to make the video below for (hopefully) your amusement.

On Wednesday, we went to Carson City to go shopping and I turned on my Active-i to get some windshield vid for music videos or in case there was something interesting along the way or whatever. For whatever reason, the thing shut off after ten minutes. I'm disappointed in that at one point on the descent from Spooner Summit to Carson there's a nice view of the Carson Valley. It's pretty impressive on the 360 days a year that it's shitmuckle brown, but this day it and the mountain range beyond were covered in snow and it was spectacular! Maybe next time.

By accident, I got the little jewel in the video. I think it's funny and hope you do too. It just came over the radio from KVMR all by itself. Notice also, please, the credits which I bungled my way through fairly well for the first try, I think. Also, the temples on my Active-i came slightly skewed so the picture sorta tilts. I'm scared to reef on 'em like I do with reg'lar glasses, so I gotta get aholt of the purveyors and find out how they recommend to straighten them.


Oh, the snow on my deck is well over my head now.

Announcer at KVMR community radio in Nevada City CA describing a fantastical voyage on Route 66.

Video is SB on CA SR 267 in Martis Valley.

Thanks, Fixer.

Just as an afterthought, when Mrs. G saw the credits she said, in her usual sweet way but with a menacing undertone I don't hear very often (gets my attention when I do), "You want maniacal? I'LL SHOW YOU MANIACAL!!!"

Kinda hard to type here under the bed...

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