Saturday, February 26, 2011

Governor Walker Union Buster

This Spadecaller video subtitled "The Plantation Empire" focuses on the plight of the worker in corporate American with some background history on unions and collective bargaining legislation.

Early American plantations were associated with disparities of wealth and income, political influence, and exploitative social systems such as indentured labor and slavery, which resembles the course of a corporate dictatorship that has infiltrated today's American political system and subjugated the fair and equal representation of the working class wage earner. Governor Walker and most Tea Party devotees believe that the wages earned by teachers, public employees, and health care givers must be held back by eliminating their right to use collective bargaining. They call it "fiscal responsibility".

The most powerful middle class in the world is now on its knees. After the banks and speculators exploited the nation, the economy crashed. Unprincipled politicians and corporate greed took the U.S. and other nations into a depression. Trickle down economics has left only a small oasis for a wealthy few in a vast wasteland of have-nots.

The party is over and the finger-pointing tirades between the democrats and republicans have become mundane and meaningless. Major companies and banks woke up with a terrible hangover. However, Congress slapped them on the wrists and then rewarded them with bailout money, while American workers lose good jobs, their life savings, pensions and their homes. Presidents Bush and Obama gave away billions to bailout those who were directly responsible for our current financial crisis. Taxpayers money was given to the guilty- those who profited from exploiting our nation's most vulnerable. The Tea Party of today is a front organization primarily backed by insurance companies, bankers, and corporate thugs intent on destroying health care reform, social security, and the universal rights that union workers fought and died for during the 1920's.

Once again the worker's right to organize is under attack. If Americans fail to fight back soon, the middle class will become nothing more than a slave class run by plantation owners; the banks, insurance companies, oil companies, and defense contractors are our masters. How ironic it is to have a black President in the White House while wage earners become the new slave class of America.

The time is long overdo for standing up against the lobbyists and the corporate taskmasters who now own Washington and the White House. Americans must find a voice and unite or the freedoms won through great sacrifices will soon be lost again.

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