Monday, March 7, 2011

This is why ...

When the lease ran out on the Mrs.' car a few months ago, we turned it in and got a 4-cylinder, 2WD Escape instead. We still have the hotrod Limited Edition AWD V-6, but we drive the smaller-engined car more and more (except when the snow required us to use the AWD car), mostly for around-town errands where the 6-cylinder sucks it down (we've been averaging 28.5 mpg with the four and 21 mpg with the six*). I'm glad (now that prices hang around $4/gal) we made that move, especially since our past will probably come back to haunt us.

*A disclaimer: I'd probably get better mileage with the 6-cylinder but it is so fun to drive. Heh ...

Heading up to the shop this morning for a vehicle inspection. I hope I don't notice the star in the windshield**.

**I am a New York State Vehicle Inspector.

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