Saturday, March 12, 2011

California Tsunami Videos

There are many of these from all along the West Coast. I think these two are fairly representative.

Note: the two locations are approximately 470 miles from one another.

From March 11, 2011: Japan earthquake, Crescent City, California. Filmed from Pebble Beach cliff top out of the evacuation zone.

Pacific Ocean gets sucked out and then surges back in within minutes. This happened many times over the course of the day.

I saw a chart of the ins and outs. Tides normally rise and fall twice a day, a nice gentle sine wave on the printout. This happened about 12 to 15 times over 6 to 8 hours yesterday and the line on the chart was spikier'n a punk rocker's hairdo.

Thanks to GiantPumpkinsRule.

Here's a dramatic sped-up one from Morro Bay (Motto: "Home of the World's Largest Pet Rock"). Some of the boats appear to be under power and fighting for every inch. Watch the large waves break on the seaward side of the sandspit. The skipper of the sailboat in the center gets an A+ in mooring! This one will remind you in no uncertain terms to "spring ahead, fall back".

CALIFORNIA TSUNAMI Surge retreat in Morro Bay 3-11-2011

From the Japanese 8.9 Earthquake Morro Bay Harbor fills up and empties in minutes

Thanks to lopaka73.

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