Sunday, March 6, 2011

A b-o-o-o-y and his g-o-o-o-ats

LATimes on environmentally friendly reforestation:

Grazing, low-cost and environmentally friendly, is becoming a more common practice in restoration and conservation efforts. In 2008 and again last year, goats were put to work clearing weeds near Angels Flight in downtown L.A. — though not nearly so many. In 2009, the conservancy also used goats in the preserve.

For many years, goats were removed from natural areas because they were known for eating everything in sight. Now, conservationists and fire safety officials realize that the creatures are efficient as long as they are monitored.

That is the job of the goats' keeper, Mark Choi, 41, who will basically live with them as they chomp their way across the valley as part of the Portuguese Bend Restoration Project.

Living with goats. Man, he's livin' the dream!

An additional 120 goats will arrive this week. Choi has nicknamed one friendly goat Pepper for the charcoal freckles dotting her face.

Uh-oh... Time ta get ta town, Mark.

The goats will stay around for a couple of weeks; the exact time will be determined by how quickly they eat.

"It's on goat time," Choi said. "It depends on their appetite."

Sounds like a lead pipe cinch to me.

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