Saturday, March 26, 2011

Until this is fixed ...

GE isn't the only one doing it by a long shot. An article a year or two ago stated that at least 80 of the top Fortune 500 companies pay no US taxes at all while dozens more pay percentage amounts far below what the average small business owner or head of household pays. But GE is the acknowledged leader in making tons of money for it's executives and shareholders and not paying their fair share of taxes and indeed, actually getting billions of dollars FROM the poor and middle class taxpayers.


The middle class will continue to disappear. Saw a statistic that average net worth for an American family has dropped 23%. It's going to drop more as we make up in local taxation what we're getting cut from federal and state budgets. Until those who aren't paying taxes are forced to, things will only get worse. As long as these politicians (of both parties) are afraid to demand fair taxes on the rich and corporations, the middle class will have to pay and will continue to suffer.


Again, for my lack of posting I apologize. Still dealing with Dad-in-Law issues, construction, and getting ready to leave for London in 3 weeks (that sure snuck up on us quick).

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