Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't pay the ransom! I escaped!

Actually, I paid the ransom on my laptop and I'm up and running. It had a coupla garden-variety viruses, mostly fulla dirt that caused an overheating problem that corrupted a buncha shit. Seems OK now.

The desktop has a 'root kit' virus and it'll be back next week. Hopefully. The tech says it's the worst he's ever seen. He told me that DOJ says a quarter of a million computers have been infected with this particular virus. Why me? Just lucky I guess. The tech blames the Russian Mafia. ¿Quien sabe?

The tech worked his ass off to get this back to me before the weekend and I picked it up at 9PM over at Tahoe Tech Group. Go give 'em a 'like' at FB. Thank you Nathaniel.

I'm too tired to even do Emmylou tonight. Later.


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casey said...

Hello Gordon,

Welcome back. I'm glad that the units are in such good hands when they act up. The problem with the computer world (mostly the Microsoft windows side but not exclusively) is the secrecy surrounding the OS which makes it more difficult to keep protected as the good dudes are always behind the curve. The baddies have a great advantage in these cases running the gamut from mischief to malevolence.