Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Exit. No Shit.

This is the second of three segments titled "No Exit" about Iraq on Rock Center last night. Click the link for the other two.

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It was always about the oil. We knew that.

Now it's about Iran as well. Iran is right next door, 20 miles from where this video was taken. 20 miles. Who the hell do we think is gonna win this one? The neocons are shouting "On to Tehran!" with their dicks in each other's hands. They must not prevail this time.

In the first segment, Koppel asked the U.S. Ambassador if he could recall any other embassies in his career that were as big as the one in Baghdad. His answer?

Saigon in 1973. We're going to lose this one too. We knew that.

Thanks again, Georgie, you weak bastard.


Fixer said...

Saigon in 1973. We're going to lose this one too. We knew that.

I can't believe we been saying that shit so long. We knew it when we started this place up and it's gonna play out just like we thought it would. It's be nice if, just once, Washington listened to a couple old NCOs.

Gordon said...

It would and they won't. We saw this one from the start. Throw in the civil war we predicted that oughta start as soon as the last GI taillight is outta sight and we'll be right again.