Monday, December 12, 2011

Frum: Fox News creates an ‘alternative knowledge system’

'Alternative TO knowledge' is more like it. I don't like Frum very well for obvious reasons, but I fully understand his reasoning: F**Noise is on Neutie's side and he's not, and the bickering is going to blessedly kill the Repugs' chances of taking over.

Imagine the fun when the battle for the soul of the Repuglican't party between the 'money', or 'establishment', end and the 'base', or 'batcrap crazy', end is won and the victor finds he has won something that doesn't exist. Soul? What soul?

Via Raw Story. By David Edwards of Crooks and Liars. Links at site.

In an article published by New York Magazine in late November, Frum had argued that conservative media like Fox News and talk radio “immerse their audience in a total environment of pseudo-facts and pretend information.”

“The question is what is the impact on the viewer?” he continued. “And we know, for example, that people that watch a lot of Fox come away knowing a lot less about important world events. That’s a correlation that we know.”

Recent polling appears to back up Frum’s assertion.

Fairleigh Dickinson University found last month that “some outlets, especially Fox News, lead people to be even less informed than those who say they don’t watch any news at all.”

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Frum stole this from me. Yes I was absolutely the FIRST person evar to point out the Right Wing has been crafting an alternate conservative history from which they can pull factoids and new history to prove 9/11 happened when Bill Clinton was President and Bin Laden was killed by George W. Bush!

Bam, read it, bud!