Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Screaming Doom Fetus saves Christmas

Shopping day today (No Xmas shopping. Ours consisted of a gift certificate at a tattoo parlor for Mrs. G's niece and a check to her nephew so he can buy stuff for us to give to his kids. Easy.) so I'll leave ya with Wednesday's Child Morford riffing on Heavy Metal:

What are you into, citizen? Goth fisting indie horticulture beer making? Hipster artisan pho served in tiny German bird skulls? Foreign films featuring knitting and very large trucks? Finnish speed guitar gods with umlauts where their names used to be? Here is a link. Here is a community. Here is a person who would like to perhaps share in your fetish/interest/kink/genre from afar. Be alone no more. Or rather, be even more alone, but share your crushing aloneness with others just like you. Yay technology!

One'a you youngbloods translate the column for me, please. I didn't understand a word of it. Thank you, Jesus.

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merlallen said...

You shop like I do. I just give my wife cash to spend on whatever and a couple of gifts from me and the dog and cat. That's her idea, the cash gift.